Friday, January 25, 2013

What are your child's 2013 learning resolutions?

Each of our IST Learning Legends has written a practical learning resolution. Read through each resolution below and have your student(s) choose the resolution (or create a new one!) that s/he will follow for the remainder of the school year. Then, both of you should sign an "accountability agreement" and post it in a conspicuous location in your home.

"My New Year's learning resolution is to actually review my tests and quizzes after I get them back from my teachers. Usually, I'm in such a rush to stuff them in my backpack that I don't even look at what I got wrong (or right, for that matter:-)".  --Fast Eddie

"My New Year's learning resolution is to learn all of the key Latin and Greek roots that I need to know in order do well on important tests like the PSAT, SAT, ACT and more. A new vocabulary word a day will keep the low scores away!"
--Sammy Smart

"My New Year's learning resolution is to spend at least 15 minutes (per class/per day) reviewing my notes after I get home. When there's nothing to review, I plan to read ahead. Working smarter, not necessarily faster or harder definitely works for me!"  --Samantha Smart

"My New Year's learning resolution is to write EVERYTHING in my planner/agenda book. That way, there's no chance that I'll forget to do something important." --Lucky Lucy

"My New Year's learning resolution is to use my class notes, textbook notes, homework and quizzes to make my own study guides (3-4 pages) at least a week before each big test. Yup, that's me, always ready for whatever's coming my way!"  --Bea Reddie