Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Favorite Season is Finally Here!

Summer is my favorite time at IST! More than two months to help students have fun learning outside of the traditional school learning environment AND make significant gains, no matter where they start! On average, students can lose 2 months of reading and 2.6 months of math over the summer when they're not engaged in any academic activity.  The phenomenon is known as "Summer Brain Drain."  Over the years, we've discovered thousands of innovative ways to "plug" the drain through our BrainGain series of courses and summer bridge tutoring.  How can you not have fun learning when your classes have such cool names as "From My Street to Wall Street," "Books-to-Movie Critics," "Courting the Law," and "Innovator Incubator"?!

Unlike the school year, we don't have to mirror what the teacher is doing in the regular classroom.  Instead, we help students review the prior year's concepts (and in some cases, go over what should  have been taught) and give a personalized preview of the concepts they are likely to see in the fall.  This freedom allows our tutors to move at a pace that is appropriate for each student's individual strengths and weaknesses.  We can go back, then skip, leap and jump ahead once the student "gets" it.  Often, by the end of the summer, many students are semester or more ahead of the rest of their class by the time they return to to school in the fall.  Now, take THAT, Summer Brain Drain!  To learn more, visit Summer at IST 2010.

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