Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SAT Subject Tests No Longer Required at University of California Schools

The University of California (UC) system recently changed its admissions requirements for students applying this fall and beyond.  One of the most notable changes is that students are no longer required to take two SAT Subject Tests--one-hour exams in various subjects (e.g., upper level math, literature, sciences, foreign language) that many competitive schools require as part of the admissions process. Students are, however, encouraged to submit their scores if they want to demonstrate mastery of a particular subject;  if they are applying  for a competitive major and their preferred campus recommends certain subject tests; or, if they want to use Subject Tests to satisfy "college-preparatory" course requirements.

Here's my take on it:  if you are applying to a competitive UC school, take the Subject Tests.  Even though they are not "technically" required and not everyone will fall into the "encouraged to take" category, many students vying for slots at places like Berkeley and UCLA still have to take the tests for other top-tier schools and will likely submit their scores to everyone (UC schools included).  Hey, I would (just saying:-).

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